B I O / Z O R A I D A . D I A Z

Zoraida Díaz is a Colombian-born photographer who covered Latin America for the Reuters News Picture Agency in the last decades of the 20th Century.

Based out of Bogotá, Buenos Aires and Washington D.C. she covered myriad events, including two Hugo Chavez led coups in Venezuela; tha Panamá Invasion (1998); the Lima Hostage Crisis (1996-1997); and Pope John Paul II’s visit to Cuba (1998). But mostly, her work documented the painful reality of Colombia during the Drug Wars of the lare 80’s and 90’s.

In pursuing her task, she has stamped her work with the charged, but invisible energy of a silent witness. In her body of work on Colombia, this comes from documenting the painful reality of her homeland. The photographs are a visual journal of the events that have influenced her life in the past decade, events and circumstances beyond the scope of the ordinary.